Network Management

How do you guarantee critical application performance?

As more critical applications (Citrix, VoIP, ERP, EDI, etc.) vie for bandwidth, every network needs QoS enforcement. The first requirement for true QoS is visibility. AmeriNet Professional Services (APS) will help you decide what applications you want to prioritize over other applications by reporting what is using your bandwidth today.

Performance Management Process Flow

  • APS staff will install a WAN management device on your network to discover applications.
  • A review of these findings will take place after one week.
  • A QoS policy will be determined in which the top three applications are identified and the QoS enforcement policy is implemented.
  • Monthly reports are generated by APS and sent to the contact of your choice to provide continuous layer 7 visibility.
  • Further QoS policy rules can be enforced for an additional monthly charge.

True Layer 7 Visibility

Applications will be discovered automatically for what they truly are regardless of which TCP or UDP port they use. Rouge applications can no longer hide on your network.

Managed Application Performance

APS will implement a QoS policy based on customer identified mission critical applications.


What if you were able to transfer three or four times as much data on your existing WAN without increasing your monthly circuit charge? That’s exactly what Acceleration allows you to do.

Intelligent QoS Implementation

QoS is implemented with application rules on the APS Network Management System.  This is not reliant upon the access lists, port number, or IP addresses, allowing QoS to be used without large changes to your existing deployment model.

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