To Stop Malware, Focus on DNS

Infoblox Security Solutions


More than 90% of malware uses DNS at various stages of the cyber kill chain to penetrate the network, infect devices, propagate laterally, and exfiltrate data. According to recent surveys, 46% of respondents experienced DNS-based data exfiltration and 45% experienced DNS tunneling. Malware and data theft are pervasive largely because conventional cybersecurity solutions are not designed to protect DNS.

Your organization can prevent the spread of malware and data exfiltration by:

  • Securing DNS to disrupt the cyber kill chain on and off premises
  • Blocking DNS-based data exfiltration using a combination of reputation, signatures and behavioral analytics
  • Gaining comprehensive visibility into the network

With Infoblox, you can deliver on all three and much more. Contact us today for more information.