What is a Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP?

Rather than using traditional, analog phone lines, a VoIP utilizes your computer network, and the Internet, to send packets of voice data. With VoIP, phone calls are digitized and transmitted the same way as e-mail, web pages or network data – offering feature-rich services at lower costs.

We partner with ShoreTel, the leading VoIP provider in client satisfaction.

ShoreTel systems are renowned for:

  • Distributed Reliability: ShoreTel VoIP phone systems are built on a distributed, embedded hardware platform with no single point of failure. IP phone and PSTN failover further ensure 99.999% reliability.
  • Best-in-Class Management: Ideal for multi-site companies, a single-view interface enables a global VoIP network to be managed from anywhere with very little effort. Moves, adds and changes can be implemented in just a few keystrokes.
  • Unmatched Productivity: From unified messaging to converged conferencing, distributed client care to seamless telecommuting, ShoreTel systems let users choose from more than 400 features they can customize with point-and-click simplicity.
  • Ease of Use: An intuitive interface gives users control over complex system functions. ShoreTel systems break the common 80-20 rule, enabling 80% of users to leverage 80% of system features.
  • Phenomenal Clarity: ShoreTel leverages VoIP to deliver superior system and VoIP phone sound quality – often better than is possible over traditional landlines.
  • Data-network Independence: ShoreTel systems integrate with switches and routers from all the leading data vendors, without forcing clients into costly network upgrades commonly mandated by proprietary vendors.
  • Simple Expansion Capability: The ShoreTel phone system can be easily expanded, enabling quick rollout to new locations – whether a single branch office or a global enterprise network. In-house IT professionals can add phones, change extensions, alter voice mail and reconfigure options with ease.
  • Smooth Migration Path: The ShoreTel system can easily integrate with existing legacy phone systems, such as PBX’s or voice mail, making migration easy.

Hundreds of small to large businesses are switching to ShoreTel because of:

  • Decreased Costs: VoIP can save over a traditional PBX and provide free inter-site long-distance.
  • Improved Performance: Every user of the new computer interface will be saying how much time they save by using their new phone system.
  • Increase Client Satisfaction: Integrate with Outlook and other contact managers to get information on a customer before you answer the phone. Be ready and up-to-date on all the latest on each client.
  • Ease of Use: "Thanks to the simplicity and reliability of ShoreTel's IP voice technology, VoIP is now a practical alternative for businesses of all types and sizes."
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