Webinar- Integrating NetOps & SecOps - 3/11/21


Integrating NetOps and SecOps in Public Cloud and On-Prem Hybrid Cloud Environments

Historically, NetOps and SecOps were not always well-aligned but that tide is changing as these groups recognize they have a similar goal: to ensure business operations and agility in public cloud and on-prem hybrid cloud environments.

Join us for a webinar featuring Matt Allen, Solution Engineer, Certified Ethical Hacker at VIAVI, where we’ll dive into how a common set of data can help both NetOps and SecOps collaboratively address public and on prem cloud environments.

This live interactive session will feature specific workflows and labs that will cover:

- Differences between SecOps visibility and NetOps visibility
- Challenges (and solutions) these teams face during cloud migrations
- Define the ‘zero-trust’ philosophy and discuss its impacts
- What enterprises/industries are hybrid and which aren’t? And why?

Date: Thursday, March 11, 2021

Time: 11:00am Eastern

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