Technology Solutions


What is a Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP?

Rather than using traditional, analog phone lines, a VoIP utilizes your computer network, and the Internet, to send packets of voice data. With VoIP, phone calls are digitized and transmitted the same way as e-mail, web pages or network data – offering feature-rich services at lower costs.

WAN & LAN Networking

Connectivity is Critical

Businesses today rely on having an always on network that is responsive and resilient.  AmeriNet Professional Services has the expertise to make sure that your network is ready to handle your business needs.  From your access to the internet down to the port on the wall, every inch of your network will be built to work for you. 


From an initial site survey and deployment plan we can assess your needs and help you choose the best path forward.

The network edge is rapidly moving to wireless with a focus on mobility and secure access. Is your business ready?


Let’s Build a Custom-Fit Storage Solution

The need for storage is growing at an exponential rate. Storage touches many parts of your business from disaster recovery strategies and data backups to virtualization initiatives and replication. AmeriNet can help determine the needs of your business and suggest methods of reducing the burden of ever expanding storage. From many small storage systems to giant arrays of networked disks, AmeriNet can help you keep your data safe and available.

Network Management

How do you guarantee critical application performance?

As more critical applications (Citrix, VoIP, ERP, EDI, etc.) vie for bandwidth, every network needs QoS enforcement. The first requirement for true QoS is visibility. AmeriNet Professional Services (APS) will help you decide what applications you want to prioritize over other applications by reporting what is using your bandwidth today.