Technology Solutions

AmeriNet is a total solutions provider of networking, business collaboration, storage and security products from the best partners and service providers. Our strength is derived from a combination of technical and engineering experience and product excellence.

How do you guarantee critical application performance?

As more critical applications (Citrix, VoIP, ERP, EDI, etc.) vie for bandwidth, every network needs QoS enforcement. The first requirement for true QoS is visibility. AmeriNet Professional Services (APS) will help you decide what applications you want to prioritize over other applications by reporting what is using your bandwidth today.

Performance Management Process Flow

  • APS staff will install a WAN management device on your network to discover applications.
  • A review of these findings will take place after one week.
  • A QoS policy will be determined in which the top three applications are identified and the QoS enforcement policy is implemented.
  • Monthly reports are generated by APS and sent to the contact of your choice to provide continuous layer 7 visibility.
  • Further QoS policy rules can be enforced for an additional monthly charge.

True Layer 7 Visibility

Applications will be discovered automatically for what they truly are regardless of which TCP or UDP port they use. Rouge applications can no longer hide on your network.

Managed Application Performance

APS will implement a QoS policy based on customer identified mission critical applications.


What if you were able to transfer three or four times as much data on your existing WAN without increasing your monthly circuit charge? That’s exactly what Acceleration allows you to do.

Intelligent QoS Implementation

QoS is implemented with application rules on the APS Network Management System.  This is not reliant upon the access lists, port number, or IP addresses, allowing QoS to be used without large changes to your existing deployment model.

Security That Works

AmeriNet specializes in all areas of assessment, design, implementation, support, and management of network security, application security, and data security solutions. Your business’ Network Infrastructure and the challenge of keeping vital information secure has never been greater or more crucial. Regardless of organizations investing considerably in information security, cyber incidents continue. And while security effectiveness remains vital, if not essential, both flexible and scalable solutions have also become a primary objective. As network size continues to grow, and attacks to those networks become increasingly sophisticated, the way we think about security must evolve.

We offer a wide variety of security services and solutions including: User Authentication, Firewall, Malware Detection, and Secure Remote Access, regardless of the size or complexity of a project, and with single source efficiency. With expertise in all aspects of networking while teaming up the industry’s leading innovators, we have designed and implemented securities plans for many of our clients, and have the knowledge and experience necessary to identify and mitigate security risks within your vital network.  With a “hands on approach”, we work directly with each client to meet organizational initiatives and compliance, help manage risk, maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of your security footprint, while also allowing for future security upgrades.

Let’s Build a Custom-Fit Storage Solution

The need for storage is growing at an exponential rate. Storage touches many parts of your business from disaster recovery strategies and data backups to virtualization initiatives and replication. AmeriNet can help determine the needs of your business and suggest methods of reducing the burden of ever expanding storage. From many small storage systems to giant arrays of networked disks, AmeriNet can help you keep your data safe and available.

Backups getting unwieldy?

The cost of doing backups is also a growing concern for businesses. Let us talk with you about how the industry is dealing with this problem by virtualizing storage, and allowing the use of less expensive storage for less critical data, while still allowing optimal business performance.

We partner with Mitel, the global market leader in business communications, powering more than two billion business connections with their cloud, enterprise, and next-generation collaboration applications.

Mitel is trusted by 70 million business users in more than 100 countries.

Mitel offers both cloud and onsite solutions deliver an all-in-one communications and collaboration solution with modern IP phones, collaboration tools and remote working capabilities.  You choose the right one for your needs and objectives.

MiCloud Connect
• Enjoy industry-leading scalability, security and reliability
• Add users and features as your requirements change – so you only ever pay for what you need
• Access simple service plans without a bunch of add-ons
• Reduce downtime with our robust suite of modern collaboration tools
• Future-proof your communications with a self-updating solution

MiVoice Connect
• Lower your total cost of ownership by retaining ShoreTel 14.2 Communicator hardware components
• Combine all the benefits of ShoreTel 14.2 Communicator with the latest collaboration technology
• Increase productivity with our wide range of integrations, advanced apps and contact center solutions
• Choose to update your software and retain your hardware for a quick and easy upgrade

Contact us today for more information on Mitel. 

Connectivity is Critical

Businesses today rely on having an always on network that is responsive and resilient.  AmeriNet Professional Services has the expertise to make sure that your network is ready to handle your business needs.  From your access to the internet down to the port on the wall, every inch of your network will be built to work for you. 

WAN Services

One of the most critical pieces of your company’s network is connectivity to the internet.  AmeriNet Professional Services is constantly reviewing available technologies and partnering with industry leading vendors in order to be able to provide the best solutions to our customers.  If you are looking to upgrade your current internet service, refresh some ageing routers, or add some resiliency to your environment, APS can help you make the right decisions and keep your business moving forward.

If you have multiple locations for your business and need your IT to span sites there are various options available such as MPLS circuits, VPN meshing, or even Point-to-Point wireless when required.  All of these methods can be used to expand your network across a large geographical area, yet allow each site to access the others as if they were physically connected.  APS can help you design and deploy a network that keeps your business connected.

LAN Services

Proper equipment and configuration are required to ensure that your network is operating to its full potential and providing your users with the access they need at all times.  As networks become smarter and capable of providing not just data, but also services, their proper management and configuration is even more critical.  In order to meet your growing demands APS is ready to assist in product selection and deployment of a network capable of delivering to your users the access and services they require.

Most organizations today have grown to have more than one active data center, with virtualization and large scale wireless deployments.  Let us show you how to leverage all of your business services wherever you are, and increase the reliability and availability of your key data.

From an initial site survey and deployment plan we can assess your needs and help you choose the best path forward.

The network edge is rapidly moving to wireless with a focus on mobility and secure access. Is your business ready?

AmeriNet can help you take the leap into the wireless world. From an initial site survey and deployment plan we can assess your needs and help you choose the best path forward. We will design and implement a wireless strategy that will work for your staff and customers, but remain easy to maintain. Allow us to do a wireless survey of your environment prior to your wireless deployment, to fend off any unforeseen obstacles before they become a costly mistake.

At AmeriNet, we address the latest trends and technologies - whether you need a simple, single branch wireless network, or a large secure deployment to allow guess access without compromising your data.

Our solutions will afford your organization the opportunity to start small and expand without limitations, concurrently reducing both cost and complexity common in today's networks. We will incorporate all wireless scenarios including:

  • Bring your own device
  • Guest Access
  • Remote Networking

Work with AmeriNet for the right wireless solution today.

Please watch below to learn the differences between Controller vs. Controller-less WLANs.